Pic shows Annie with a miniature yorkshire terrier with a bandaged right leg. Murphywith a bandaged right leg
This is the effect of the head wrap on a Yorkshire Terrier, Murphy, plagued by broken bones in his back right leg, and has experienced setbacks in the healing process.
Murphy's head down shows the x-cross head wrap in detail and the ability to finish by Noah's March to promote connection.
Murphy has not rested since his injury in September of this year - he is one exhausted dog.  The head wrap finally gave him an opportunity to rest and relax and come into his body.
Annie Ttouching a cat recovering from a stroke Merlin the Cat



Annie TTouching a cat recovering from a stroke.

Annie applying Ttouch therapy to Nagash, a python who is wrapped around Annies shoulder and neck Nagash the Python

Annie Snowball has the "Whisperer" gift of touch with all animals, communicating with pets through TTouch therapy in a gentle manner that calms even the most exotic animals. Annie is pictured here calming a python into a peaceful state of well-being.

Annie applying Ttouch therapy to a distressed Iguana Homer the Iguana

Clients observe total positive change in their animals after receiving TTouch treatments from Annie.

Annie applies Ttouch to relieve stress from a rescue rabbit Bugs the Rescue Rabbit




Stress is released with every TTouch.

Picture of two cats. One named Fergus who is sleeping peacefully after TTouch Craniosacral treatment, and the other acting as caretaker Fergus after a TTouch/Craniosacral therapy session


Fergus, a 13yr.old Manx, relaxing after a TTouch/craniosacral therapy session, so beneficial for his rehab following a laminectomy. Siri, the gray cat, immediately joined him after the session to "take charge" of his care!. ... During each session Fergus would stretch from the tip of his head to the end of his toe nails, releasing many layers of chronic pain and stress to enable greater movement and coordination.