"Equi~Humana Integration"

If your interest is in maintaining the well-being of your horse, or evaluating your horse for superior movement, whether for competition or everyday recreation, you have come to the right practitioners. Annie Snowball CST assures the highest level of care for the well-being and performance of your horse.

Annie has experienced great success in treating and healing horses, giraffes, alpacas, and elephants, and is the co-founder of Equi~Humana Integration. 


TTouchis a method of body work and ground

exercises bringing positive change to behavioral

and physical issues.


4 yrs. old Moshe - TTOUCH™ Ear Work

Annie performs TTouch earwork on Mosha -- a baby elephant in Thailand that received a prosthetic leg after stepping on a land mine. http://www.eyesofthailand.com

45 yr. old Motala - TTOUCH™ Ear Work

Annie performs TTouch Therapy Ear Work on Motala, another land mine victim, after walking for the first time on her prosthetic leg.

Matriarch Giraffe at Oakland Zoo

Annie's largest "client" is 'Tiki', the matriarch giraffe at the Oakland Zoo. No distance is "too high" for Annie to apply Craniosacral Therapy.  

Boonmee remembered my hands!

In 2010, I worked so hard with Boonmee who was severely injured by land mines. She remembered only too well my hands! Here I am working on the injured leg - Boonmee is slowly healing and weighting her leg more and more. She had not a care in the world as I did coiled python - what  a moment for me!!!!

Annie treating Boonmee

Here is the coolest photo caught of me working down her(Boonmee's) injured leg - you can see where the healing has taken place on the right side of her foot 2 yrs. later!!! Recovery is slow, but she allowed complete access to the nails  - as a result she is now fully weight bearing and walking almost completely normally which she started doing the day after we left. I was able to teach the mahouts in more detail several of the touches. They really enjoyed the lesson!