Craniosacral Therapy


  • Craniosacral therapy awakens and reinstates the body’s own ability to hear, listen, and act on what is needed for the optimum function of which it is capable at the moment.
  • It restores flexibility from a cellular level all the way out to the skin and beyond.
  • It reminds the body that it can “let go” after trauma has occurred.
  • It restores the ability to relax.
  • It frees the body from repetitive motion syndrome.
  • It teaches through experience.
  • It encourages restrictions in the body to soften which permits the return of blood and nerve supply to areas so blocked that they could eventually become a place for disease to begin.
  • It helps us learn that pain is a signal that we have work to do with our body. It will guide us through a process of “connecting the dots” of pain and discomfort within ourselves along a personal journey of what we are doing, eating, saying, and thinking that is at the root of imbalances in our bodies.



Motala enjoying craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral Therapy can provide a positive change in animals large or small and in humans as well.

Motala - enjoying TMJ release during craniosacral therapy

To learn more about the fascinating story of Mosha and Motola click here:

Motala morning greeting

Through the care and healing process of Annie's TTouch and Craniosacral Therapies, Motala cheerfully adapted to her new prosthetic leg.




Difference of CST and other modalities:


  • Massage therapy addresses the body through the muscular system;
  • Chiropractic care works through the skeletal system;
  • Chiropractors can adjust the bones but they won’t stay put until the connective tissue is released.
  • Acupuncture addresses the body through the
    energetic/electrical/meridian system;
  • Craniosacral therapy works with the fascia/connective tissue (the massive transportation of the body - a maze of fibers, unlike muscle fibers running along side each other, that have a consistency similar to saran wrap,; therefore, it sticks to itself.



The goal of CST is to "unstick"/"unwind" those fibers.)


Because the central nervous system lives inside the cranial sacral system the practitioner works directly with the deepest layer in the body, where the self-healing information resides.


As a practitioner we basically facilitate initiation of a release and the body goes on to do its thing, aligning those tissues as it sees fit, on its own.


Osteopathic/craniosacral work is all about alignment. If one part of the body is affected ALL parts are affected.  

Animals naturally align themselves following CST. However, horses will continue their processing until their owners’ misalignment goes through to them.


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