Calling All Animals: Healthy Living for Your Pet

At Calling All Animals we understand how vitally important it is to maintain the well-being of your pet. We measure our success according to your pet's happiness and good health. To ensure the best assessment for your animal, we take the time for a thorough consultation and careful observation.

Annie Snowball Certified TTouch and Craniosacral Therapist Annie Snowball CST

Annie Snowball is a gifted certified TTouch and Craniosacral Therapist. Whether your animal is large or small, Annie is capable of communicating with your pet in a manner that leaves it calm and ready to accept her TTouch or Craniosacral treatment, ultimately resulting in the optimal well-being of your beloved pet.

To promote ultimate health and well-being for you and your pet, Annie's gentle application of TTouch and Craniosacral Therapy provides hands-on expertise to alleviate restrictions created by stress, tension, and injury, whether the malady originated from psychological, emotional, or physical trauma through the brain and spinal column.

Pet well-being and transformation



Home Visits


I make house calls to your home, ranch or equestrian center to provide the highest levels of care for your animal. Appointments can be flexible and set up at a time convenient for you.  


Annie and the Wolf...


Community animal rescue consults, classes for volunteers, presentations to animal fare events, classes, workshops, training and boarding, phone consultations, private client 3-day intensives.